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Default [Magic] Rebuilding Diamonds

Currently, we're running GURPS 3edR. The setting is in the 1920s. The mana level is normal, but Magery is quite rare, so there aren't more than a few real wizards about.
We're fairly high point value, and one of the PCs has an extensive spell library, including Rebuild.
For reference:
This spell totally rebuilds any object from as little as a fragment. If the subject is a machine, the caster must first successfully cast Schematic on the subject and, while the schematic is still in his mind, begin casting Rebuild. Schematic is unnecessary for simpler objects. With enough power, you could rebuild a starship from a scrap of one bulkhead!
The object re-forms at a rate of 500 lbs. of missing mass per second, beginning after the casting is completed. Thus, it would take a 30-ton tank 2 minutes to be completely rebuilt. Exotic materials may inflict a casting penalty or slow the rebuilding process.
On objects simpler than machines, ignore the TL modifiers.
Magic items cannot be rebuilt.

Now, the idea is to purchase a chip of the original Cullinane diamond. Let's not get bogged down with how we get it or if we're deceived or whatever; assume we do.
We now have, literally, a fragment of what was once a much larger diamond. By casting Rebuild, can we turn this diamond chip back into the "original" diamond--which, by the way, was about 3,100 carats in weight. Schematic should not be required--it's a TL0 rock--but if we assume artificial diamonds are a TL9 material (I'm basing that on the description for cybersuits, from Ultra-Tech), the simple carbon-crystal structure should be revealed by Schematic.
About the only thing I, personally, see as a problem with this is the vague "exotic materials" reference. One can argue back and forth about how diamond is a simple crystal structure--or that it's unreproduceable at TL6. Or do we take the TL penalty for a TL6 vs TL9 material? Is that obviated by the Schematic spell? Or is diamond not "exotic," since even at TL6 we know what it is and how it's put together, even if we can't actually build them yet--hence the need for Rebuild?
The implications, though, are concerning. If I take this chip of diamond (or any other diamond) and Rebuild a much bigger diamond, I can then cut it into several pieces and repeat the process, multiplying the number of gems. Does gold count as "exotic"? So, when I find a gold bar in a treasure chest, do I saw off a corner and Rebuild the bar? Sure, it's 30 FT per casting... but it's 30 FT for any finished product of 500 lbs or less! In higher-magic worlds, a circle of mages starts cranking out literal tons of resources--iron, steel, gold, silver, pretty much any material they can buy, as long as they can form it into a gigantic lump before they break off a piece for Rebuild-ing.
Great justification for spending points on Wealth, sure. Not great implications for the changes it will wreak on a lot of existing fantasy campaigns.
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