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Eric Funk
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Default Re: [Martial Arts] New perk idea: Two and a Half Hands

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
[INDENT]Two and a Half Hands

So you are trying to use a sword with a 2H skill while in a 1H grip with a perk? if the goal is +1 damage then there are other ways (consider Striking ST(my attuned sword only) or Innate attack (melee, my attuned sword only) See GURPS Powerups 1: imbuements ).

GURPS goes to great lengths to balance the minimum and maximum damage a weapon can do.

Katana p.B271 has ST11 for Broadsword skill sw+1 cut
ST10 for 2H (B274) sw+2 cut

RAW B270 says you can wield the sword in a 2H style in a single hand at ST15 but it becomes unready, or fully at ST20. (so this is technically what you are trying to bypass with 1cp)
That said say a giant or demon picks up this katana and tries to stab with it. The maximum effective mundane ST they can deliver with the weapon is ST33 one-handed or ST30 two-handed (same page).

Contrast with the Huge Weapons perk for an effective ST only for purposes of wielding the weapon so you can wield less finessed a weapon with only one hand...
(GURPS Powerups2 perks p.6)
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