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Default Re: Signature Weapons

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
I want the 'Comando do Santo Cruz' operatives to use some signature weapons, blessed by supernaturally-savvy Vatican priests, engraved with crosses and containing materials that are inimical to common supernatural threats.

Iron is probably the most practical material and, fortunately, works very well against anything fey and even affects various demons, monsters and manifested spirits, as well as providing some protection from many types of magic. In setting, the iron may even be alloyed to make steel without making it metaphysically useless, so high-quality swords and knives are still useful against the supernatural.

I'm wondering what kind of knife Santa Cruz operatives from ABIN should favour as their anti-curse blessed blade. Are there any Brazilian knife types or designs that would be appropriate? Would a machete be suitable? Or a combat knife? A medieval dagger?

And how about firearms? If ABIN operatives involved in monster hunting have a 'service weapon' that they carry for self-defence, as opposed to locally-sourced weapons they use to avoid leaving forensic evidence, what should it be?

I'm thinking that it was adopted at some point between 2009-2012, when ABIN established a permanent (if secret) force of operatives to provide paramilitary support for covert Vatican operations against supernatural threats in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I might be looking for both a full-size duty handgun and a concealable model. They should share ammunition, which would be either the 9x19mm that the Brazilian armed forces use or the .40 S&W that is popular in Brazilian police service. As the Santa Cruz operatives would often be covered as security contractors, perhaps it might be worthwhile for them to use pistols in a caliber that can be licensed to employees of a PSC. Until 2016, 9x19mm weapons were restricted to military and police uses in Brazil, but I haven't found whether that affects licensed PSCs. If so, and if .45 ACP weapons were not so restricted in 2009-2012, perhaps that chambering might make sense.

Caliber aside, hefty construction with a lot of steel would be good. Stainless steel is nice. As modern as possible, however, able to mount accessories like compact reflex sight, laser or light. Ammo capacity of 12+, with 17+ being expected if it is 9x19mm. Match barrel for the full-sized gun, threaded for suppressor. Either adjustable sights or the option of mounting adjustable optics useable with suppressor, so that the weapon can be zeroed for both a lightweight +P sintered iron rounds and heavy subsonic JHP loads. Ambidextrous ergonomics. Quality trigger, not DAO, ideally SA/DA or a proprietary equivalent that allows a 5.5 lb. trigger pull or lighter.

I'm thinking a Taurus PT 24/7 OSS with some aftermarket upgrades.

Any other suggestions?
Brasil doesnt have a tradicional knife... but many farmers, hunters and military units employ a blade called "facão" it is in reality a falchion with 15" long (so is actually a shortsword) used primary to cut trails in florest, jungle and rural areas

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