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Default Addiction and long-term effects

Contrary to what the Basic Set says, drug abuse can have serious long-term effects even if the drug in question isn't alcohol. AFAIK, there are are two GURPS mechanisms published to reflect this.

1. The alcohol rule - roll against HT+2 once per year to see if you lose attributes.

2. The threshold rule - from Cyberpunk. The GM sets a threshold of doses - typically based on HT or on a random number - and when the character exceeds that threshold, bad things happen.

For those inclined to more detail and a slower, more insidious process, you could adapt the Corruption rules from Horror, I suppose.

For instance, [url=]this[/site] lists the following long-term side effects (my thoughts in parentheses):

1. irritability (Bad Temper)
2. paranoia (Paranoia)
3. restlessness (Short Attention Span? Impulsiveness?)
4. anxiety (Panic Attacks? Fearfulness? Cowardice?)

Panic Attacks are defined in GURPS Horror. Cocaine's also bad for the body overall, so Easy to Kill and/or lowered HT?

Does anyone have any other thoughts on drugs - general mechanisms or specific drugs?
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