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Default [MA] "Attack on Titan", wire-swinging martial arts vs. man-eating giants

I haven't seen this topic being brought up, and neither does google, so I thought I'd start a "GURPSify this" experiment.

There's a new, currently-airing anime, Attack on Titan. It's really, really good. The pitch: the last remaining humans go toe-to-toe with man-eating, eerily-human-like giants that destroyed most of the world and forced mankind into a single walled-off city. The titans range from 3 to 15 meters tall, regenerate almost instantly from all damage, require no sustenance and possess only rudimentary intellect. To compete with them, the humans equip weird gas-powered harnesses that shoot out grappling hooks and quickly retract them to propel the wearer through the air at high speed.

Here's a demonstration, and another one, and another one. Beware, the last two contain mild spoilers.

The idea is to swing at high speed next to the nape of the giant's neck and slice it open using very brittle, very sharp high-carbon swords. This prevents them from regenerating and instantly renders them unconscious, and probably dead. Other than the "3D maneuver gear" and the high-grade steel, the humans only possess early TL5/late TL4 technology, including muzzle-loaded cannons and rifles.

So, how would you guys stat any of that in GURPS? Advantages? Equipment + the skills to use them? A martial arts style? What would the mechanics be for propelling yourself sword-first at high speed? How do you stat a titan and its weak spot? Etc. etc.
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