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Default Flying Carpet FP cost

I don't like it as written. The energy cost depends entirely on the square footage being affected, which in turn determines weight that can be carried, meaning that the classic Persian rug, which I shall call 3'x6', costs 18 fatigue to get aloft and can carry, just barely, two people and a little bit of gear. Or one well-equipped hiker. The flying robe at the start of the Movement chapters is at least as dubious unless it was ridiculously huge and billowing. I think a better rule would be "1 FP per 25 pounds being carried, plus the weight of the conveyance." Anything else notwithstanding, this makes the classic "witch on her broom" rules-legal, and also encourages lighter conveyances, like brooms, carpets, and surfboards (a typical modern surfboard only weighs about 6-7 pounds). Opinions?
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Default Re: Flying Carpet FP cost

That seems pretty reasonable - more expensive per pound than Levitation, but also with better movement and a longer duration. For 200 lbs of caster + conveyance, it's about the same cost as Hawk Flight, but trading speed for duration.

Alternate, you could just make it a normal Regular spell, with some reasonable cost (7, maintain 3), and get rid of all the weight calculations.
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