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Default Building a better Mummy

Fixing up the BOU entry:

A mummy is the result of casting the Zombie spell onto a well preserved corpse. Usually the wrappings will include a charm with the Zombie Ring enchantment. (Otherwise the mummy needs to make a 4/ST save each day or lose a point of ST as per ordinary zombies. If kept in cool dry inactive condition for all of the previous 24 hours this roll is skipped. The mummy can observe motionless, but if it so much as twitches it's on the clock.)

The mummy doesn't stink (much, after the first few years), its IQ, MA, and DX are all -2 from it's living stats, and it has whatever ST given to it by the Zombie spell, up to twice it's living ST as usual for all zombies. Its wrapping and leathery hide stop two hits, and while it can wear armor over this few bother due to the DX reduction. Any fire hits past its armor (which include things like being soaked in flaming oil) are doubled due to the mummy's dry state.

It is possible to put a Curse enchantment on a mummy's wrappings. These can be applied to one target (remember its a single use) through the mummy's unarmed "attack roll", which gets the usual +4 adjustment if in HTH with the target.
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