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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

*Mabel pauses. "Ta do--Talk to Captain Scarbelly turnips, update diary, Examine--" she pauses, then pulls up the false bottom. "travel logs, update diary... sleep." She looks at the diary, and pulls it out. "...Think this might just be what we might be lookin for."
Lissa: "He didn't get the turnips!"
Frank: "Maybe he already ate them?"
Mabel: "I think that might be part of the man's name. ...Wonder if he slipped on out again?"
Frank frowns. "You mean... first name 'Scarbelly', last name 'Turnips'?" He thinks on this quietly for a bit before saying "His parents must have hated him."

Lissa: "I can slice up turnips, but I'm better with dessert"
Lissa: "I can slice up pirates too, but I am NOT cooking them"

Mabel: "... If Lady Scarlet will let said golem come with us and we can keep Miss Lissa focused to intimidate them?"
Frank: "Honestly, I think she's scarier like this."
Frank: "If they try to threaten her she's just going to talk about dinosaurs. They won't know what to do with that."
Lissa: "I'm not scary, I'm a cute unnatural abomination of magic not a scary one."

Mabel: "...Well, at least we know where he's been."
Frank: "And 'where he's been' is everywhere. Don't tell me he was possessed by a tourist?"

Scarlet: "Possibly item 3 is more important than 2."
Mabel: "Number three possibly leads to number two."
Scarlet: "A very valid point."
Lissa: "What about the turnips?"
*Mabel is about to say something, but pauses, then says, "...We'll get some for dinner if they're in season."
"Life ... is an Oreo cookie." - J'onn J'onzz, 1991

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