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Default Transhumanism and the Biotech Era

This is an interesting paper (and a long one!) promoting human augmentation as a military necessity.
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Anthony Shostak
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Default Re: Transhumanism and the Biotech Era

From swords to boots to vaccines, we've already been augmenting our military folks for some time now. The Germans in WWII gave their troops a drug we now call crystal meth. Which suggests that augmentation can go wrong. I haven't read the article but I know the military is researching things from power armor suits to swarms of robot helpers. So bio-mods seem like a logical step.

The big thing a modern military really needs is the means to convince others they can't fight and win. If the other has no hope of victory, they won't fight long. The strategy used against the USA these days is simply never give up. Insurgency and Guerilla warfare are not about classic victory and conquest, but about making the other side despair. Having robots fight the battles while the operators/managers sit back and watch the action like a video game is more likely to cause despair in the insurgents than those defending against them.
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augmentation, biotech, ethics, europe, warfare

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