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Default [High-Tech] Telescopic Sights & Sound Supressors

Are the weights listed for scopes and silencers per +/-1?

That is, does a:
  • 4x scope (+2 Acc) weigh twice as much as a 2x scope (+1 Acc)?
  • -2 silencer weigh twice as much as a -1 silencer?

I know it says, but it seems a little wonky. I mean, in my brain, a better scope or silencer s/b heavier than a lesser, more powerful scopes always seem to look BIGGER...

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Default Re: [High-Tech] Telescopic Sights & Sound Supressors

quick answer: No

Full answer; weights do not scale evenly- a mroe pwerful scope requires more better balanced glass, a 8x scope might weight 16x as much as a 2x scope.

Silencers are mostly empty space, beyond a certain threshold they require FAR FAR FAR more precise, big, and expensive components.

A -2 silencer may only weigh 10% more then a -1, but a -3 might weight 5x as much as the -2 and add 4 to the weapons bulk rating.

So your options are: Use the values in the book, do not attempt to form linear graphs for the unlimited zoom scope that gives+100 on acc. OR look up real world values for scops and use the real world stats(assuming that your game is set in modern or before)
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