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Default Monster! skill for Steampunk campaign

My friend is putting together a Steampunk campaign for 400-point characters and I've decided to grab the Experiment template from Monster Hunters. I'm thinking something akin to Frankenstein's Monster, but with steampunk cybernetics rather than Bioenhancements. And I want a Wildcard skill for the monster. A Monster! skill.

So far I've come up with a skill that covers Axe/Mace, Brawling, Forced Entry, Intimidation, Two-Handed Axe/Mace, Wrestling but it would be nice to have some non-DX related skills. Any ideas?
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Default Re: Monster! skill for Steampunk campaign

Monster! would be the skill of doing things that monsters do. So in addition to what you have, any of:

Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Body Control, Camouflage, Climbing, Detect Lies, Escape, Kiai, Lifting, Mental Strength, Mind Block, Naturalist, Navigation (Land), Observation, Occultism, Running, Stealth, Sumo Wrestling, Swimming, Tracking, Traps, and Urban Survival

could plausibly be skills for a monster, depending on how you think of them.

If you're specifically trying to recreate Frankenstein's Monster, I would argue for Administration, Archeology, Architecture, Meditation, Public Speaking, and Theology - the original Monster was well-read (if self-taught), and History and Literature are not generally useful or appropriate skills in Steam-Punk. So give him some scholarly abilities and let him go off and soliloquize about the unfairness of life or whatever.

The original Experiment template had a variety of science skills as primary skills; those may also be appropriate.
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monster hunters, steampunk, wildcard skill

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