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Default Hearing/Vision interaction and distance?

At what range does two parties see and hear one another and how do the two senses interact with one another and special actions (sneaking/etc)?

Consider the following cases:
  1. Two parties are walking through the woods normally, heading straight for each other; at what range does the winner of the Per/Observation/Hearing contest spot/hear the other party?
  2. One party is walking through the woods normally, someone else is sneaking up on them; should they even get a roll or should it be assumed they fail or should I do two separate tests (one normal skill and one vs contest)?
  3. What happens if the two parties both fail their rolls; how can I find a good compromise that they both end up closer?
  4. With Per/Observation for both sides, Stealth/Camouflage/Shadowing/etc being optional, as well as Hearing, how should they interact to produce intriguing situations of tension? For instance I wanna create situations like: "you hear someone walking about 10 yards away, but you can't see anything until a black shadow steps out and stabs you in the ribs".

I'd be inclined to use the range table (B550) for vision and the hearing table (B358) for hearing "inversely", but I'm not exactly sure how.

I'm thinking for vision, it might be better to roll separately for both (so just a normal roll if the other party doesn't sneak or anything and a vs contest if they do). The MoS can be converted to range from the Size column in the range table, but it'd probably need like a +5 mod to be realistic (so base would be 15 yards, for MoS 5). Also, apart from applying the vision modifier for terrain (that might be, say, 0 to -10) to the actual roll, it should probably limit the maximum to, for example, 10 minus the terrain modifier. So, in a forest with vision -5, a successful roll (including that same modifier) would mean spotting at 15 yards. and that is also the maximum (since 10 -5 = 5), but a failed roll of 1-5 means spotting at a shorter distance, while 6+ means basically walking into one another physically.

It'd be pretty nasty walking in a twisting cavern or dense jungle with -10, since then the max distance to actually spot stuff would be 2 yards... This would also make possible the rather comical happenstance where two stealthy party fail to spot one another (especially at night) to literally bump into one another! Well, barring successful Hearing rolls.

Also, I'm not sure if this makes vision too powerful, since you'd need to win by 6+ to get all the way up for a sneak attack or similar.

For hearing, I'm less certain, since sound can really vary a lot between environment, so for complete accuracy you'd need a "sound modifier" or separate table per terrain (which I think should be avoided). But as a start, I'm thinking of reading the MoS as the penalty to hear stuff. So if I roll a MoS of 5, while my opponent rolls Stealth at MoS 3, I'll hear his sneaking at 1. I guess you'd need to have some sort of "reflex" kicking in, so that tying or winning with 1-2 means avoiding that nasty backstab or whatever (at least a def at -2 for turning sideways, I'm thinking).

Anyone have any suggestions for this?
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