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Default User Made Items for GCA4

This is an effort to compile all the custom GCA stuff into one thread as I suggested. So here we go...

Several folks have made various add-ons for GCA4:

Melange has been making several custom Character Sheets. Including his more than cool Flexsheet.

Kuroshima has made two GURPS Spirits ritual magic data sheets, covering the techniques as both average skills and hard skills.

Silverthorne has compiled an excellent list of quirks in a data sheet.

Sheldrine has also made a custom sheet that can use potraits the size of a typical Neverwinter Nights© character portrait.

I've got a fantasy equipment guide that I'll be adding to.

Eric B has 4e conversions of Alien Races and Fantasy Folk and a few other goodies.

You can find these files at Melange Madness Network, Corey's GURPS Stuff, and of course Eric's GURPSLand.

If I missed your custom character sheet or data file post and let me know. I'll update the top post as needed.

If you need your non-official stuff hosted for others contact Melange or Myself and we'll put them up.

That's about it because I hate starting threads.
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