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Default AI Ally’s Modular Ability for Languages

An implant or wearable AI ally’s ability to use their Modular Abilities (Computer Brain) to download and start speaking/reading a foreign language has come in handy for a number of THS games I’ve run.

But the standard Modular Abilities (Computer Brain) advantage most implant/wearable off-the-shelf infomorph allies have is Modular Abilities (Computer Brain) 3 (2, 2, 2), so they can theoretically only have 2 points in a language.

So with 2 points, that means the AI would only:
1. Speak and read the downloaded language at the ‘Broken/Semi-Literate’ level,
2. Just speak the downloaded language at the ‘Accented’ level, or
3. Just read the downloaded language at the ‘Accented Literate’ level.

Another option would be to download both the 2 point spoken and 2 point read/write versions of a language, to be able to speak/understand and read/write it at the ‘Accented’ level.

Does anyone do anything different, like fill up all 3 2 point slots (effectively 6 points) to be able to speak/write at a ‘Native’ level?

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