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Default Re: [Last Gasp] Mighty Warriors: Which Advantages and Skills Count?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
You are right, there is an element of tactical choice there. Unfortunately, it has some perverse incentives, in that it favours high-ST chopping attacks that don't need precise targeting over low-power thrusts that expend minimal energy, but are lethal because they are targeted at unarmoured veins or vitals..
Only the same ST rating is being used to derive damage for both so as a basic strike I'd assume the same effort as in underlying ST is being used. You can do AoA(S) or defensive attacks on both for example. The precisely targeted strike is also needed the expenditure of further effort to be on target. What you describe is I think better demonstrated by the fact that a weak rapier fighter can do the same damage as a strong axe wielder even with a less damaging weapon and less ST but by bypassing armour or targeting particularly damaging locations.

But as I said exactly what the different attack options represent is not fixed so it's a matter of perception and interpretation not hard and fast definitions.

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