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Default Re: [Sci-fi] Plausible scenarios for the evacuation of Earth at TL10-11

Originally Posted by tanksoldier View Post
I still haven't seen an event that justifies building habitats in space, or on another planet, VS building full biosphere habitats on Earth.

Earth has gravity already. The people and building materials are here already. Even if unbreathable the air is still air and not vacuum.
Yes, that's one reason I keep suggesting the aerostat colonies. They boot strap and can even touch the ground when absolutely necessary so you can have hundreds of thousands of people board in a day if necessary, like filling up a huge stadium or speedway. It might even be easier than going to the sports venue since there's no particular concentration within sight of a common activity.

Originally Posted by tanksoldier View Post
Enormously long term, of course we need to colonize other planets and star systems.... if nothing else the Sun will nova someday.
Not nova, just red giant.
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Default Re: [Sci-fi] Plausible scenarios for the evacuation of Earth at TL10-11

Aerostats are just very large lightly armored targets though. The average orbital colony needs 10 metric tons of armor per square meter (100 grams per square centimeter, around 5 inches of steel) just to deal with the cosmic radiation, which just conveniently makes it immune to small arms fire. Even if an orbital colony gets a few large holes in it, it only very slowly suffers atmospheric loss, it does not necessarily suffer orbital decay. If an aerostat suffers large holes, it starts dropping pretty quickly.
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