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Default Re: [Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting

Question round up

Current Species List

1) Bahz (Gamblers)
2) Khorchon (Complicated Dominance System)
3) Chekta (Uplifted Rabbit-Like)
4) Cicads (Insectoid Gas Giant Dwellers)
5) Klaflhan (Giant Tentacled Psychics)
6) Kusegu (Waterbird Cryonic Serivitors)
7) Morlay (Cryosleeper Guardians)
8) Jardbwi (Cyborgs with Silicon Bioware)

Four more.

Question 25, open
Several factions and groups have been around since the twentieth century, how have they adapted to the current environment? Tell us about one.

Question 39
The Khorchon have been mentioned as a savage but intelligent species prone to eating foes and slaughtering children. What do they actually look like? what density is the medium they breathe? tell us what you can about their Physiology!

Question 41
What are earth's most notable uplifted animals? or does it not have any?

Question 43
How common are AI's?
What level of intelligence do they have?
Do they run on large supercomputer installations or smaller mobile platforms?

Question 53
What kind of biological/Xenological warfare do the Martians like to use

Question 54
What's happening on Pluto now the Ark is no longer functioning?

Question 55

What is a typical upbringing like for a human growing up in a habitat?
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Default Re: [Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
Question 53
What kind of biological/Xenological warfare do the Martians like to use?
There are certainly the obvious -- various tailored microbes that kill.

But perhaps sometimes NOT killing is more effective.

How about a bioweapon that enrages the target's citizens to homicide under certain conditions? (see The Screwfly Solution, Nebula Award Novelette, 1977). This weaponizes the target society's own citizens.

Or a bioweapon that seriously damages the target citizens' intellect? You not only lose their brainpower, but those citizens who survive the attack with brains intact have to care for their less fortunate comrades.

Or -- a bioweapon that blinds the victims or damages their muscular control? The latter's victims may not be able to walk or use their hands -- and as such pose a care problem for the society. Or one that causes similarly debilitating congenital problems?

You can use these not only during war -- but as levers to end the war on favorable terms. "Cede us Syrtis Major district -- or have a billion damaged children for which to care."

Death is only one possibility for bio-attack.
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