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Default Question about Munchkin Monster Box

The Munchkin Monster Boxes say they have room for a Level Playing Field. But what about the game board that comes with Munckin Deluxe? Will that game board fit in the Monster Box?
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Coin Flip 42
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Default Re: Question about Munchkin Monster Box

The Deluxe edition game board from my basic Munchkin Deluxe (Kovalic edition) set does fit in my Kovalic Monster Box, but the lid does not close fully at that point.

The game board is covered and protected at that point, but a portion of the box bottom is exposed below the lid.

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Default Re: Question about Munchkin Monster Box

The box comes with a transparent "inner lid" that keeps everything from moving and leaves room for rules and small accessories. If you remove it, you'll easily have room for a deluxe board or two plus rules, etc. -- and the deluxe board will fill the roll of keeping everything stable.
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