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Default New game starting. This time weŽll play it Nordlondr way!

Next month I am starting the third iteration of my club-acclaimed Winter Hearts Trylogy campaign. Yes, we geeks do love trilogies...

It was originally designed for GURPS Fantasy with an OSR vibe. Later, I adapted it to GURPS DF for a second group of players. This time I want to make it 100% DFRPG Nordlond compatible. Still with an OSR twist, sure.

I am writing down the adventure which is rather different from my usual OSR / gonzo approach. It means I am thinking of the rules beforehand. I am trying to stick to the Óvinabókin and the Hand of Asgard books as much as possible. This will be an exercise in preparation and anticipation.

The mini-campaing as was previously played (and some thoughts / notes):

• Cold, cold heart is located in Hjarta, the heart-shaped mountains. This first adventure was a thing I made taking Mirror of the Fire Demon (By Matt Riggsby) as a guide. It took six/seven sessions, and it was a success. Well I mean the players liked it! Classic delving with some mystery seeds here and there to be solved in later adventures.

• Laughs of Loki-White and the seven dwarves is a hexcrawling adventure with a dungeon finale.

The outdoors stuff is the most difficult thing to design sticking solely to DFRPG. Luckily Crypt of Krysuvik and the aforementioned Mirror give some hints of how to manage it. But honestly, I think I will introduce some DF16 Wilderness Adventuress stuff there to make it go smoother. It is only 36 hexes I have described but with the random encounters I think it will work as well as the other times we played it. It took eleven and fourteen sessions. My regular players do enjoy exploration games but I do not know how this new party will feel about it…

• The Winter QueenŽs retaliation will present the same locations as the first adventure but everything has gone upside down. And there will be some portal action which may lead the protagonists to visit a fun Álfar pocket-dimension. Rarely enough it only happened in one of my past games, one of the partied preferring not to risk it. Hope this time I get to test that part using only DFRPG rules!

The challenge here is to make exciting a location the delvers have already visited. Showing a known place changed is a very good way to make the world feel real and alive. It reminds the PCs their acts bring consequences. Not always merry consequences, you know. It took six and eight sessions and my pals enjoyed it. Both groups consisted of known regular players so it was easy to give Žem what they liked.

So far I have written 60K words and I am trying to slim it down a bit while revising the text, making hand outs and trying to truly stick to the rules and setting selected with minor deviation.

And that is all. I guess I will be asking questions here and there in this forum and any advice will be welcomed!
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