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Old 08-31-2023, 03:20 PM   #1
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Default Dark Sun - Animals

Has anyone ever done a conversion of some Dark Sun animals (Kank, Mekillot, Crodlu, Inix, and Erdlu)?

Also, is there a list of earth animals that have been converted? I love taking existing animals and adding some features to fit a fantasy setting.

Thank you, in advance.
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Default Re: Dark Sun - Animals

Yes, lots of earth animals have been convert4ed. Not aware of anything from Dark Sun but probably out there too.
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Default Re: Dark Sun - Animals

The Crodlu and Erdlu look like they could be created by modifying the stats of various types of raptor dinosaurs (Utah Raptor, Deinonychus, etc); you can find one interpretation for those over on GURPS Animalia, and another shows up in Nordlondr Ovinabokin - in the latter case, they're actually designed to be used as mounts, which may be useful for you... although I will note that's a DFRPG book, rather than a "proper" GURPS book (all the monsters are largely usable as-is for GURPS, however).

The Kank looks to just be another giant bug, so the The Bugstiary will likely have you covered there (as an expansion for Nordlondr Ovinabokin, it's also DFRPG). I'm not sure if animals like the Mekillot and Inix have really been statted out anywhere, however.
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animals, dark sun

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