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Default Re: Anon's Animal Album

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
That kind of runs contrary to "These familiars are somewhat sturdier and far more intelligent than their mundane brethren, but they are otherwise normal animals statement unless all animals in the DF setting are super-powerful 'cinematic' animals.
The bolded bit may well just mean "these are animals, not magical creatures." Being more capable than ordinary specimens is just fine. Of course, does Semi-Upright even appear on any DF templates/creatures? I don't recall it on Gladiator Apes (or their lesser cousins, the Flesh Eating Apes), which feel like the creatures to have it. Additionally, according to the GURPS Wiki, the Basic Set Chimpanzee lacked the trait until February 2020 - so the DF version lacking it is rather unsurprising.
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Default Re: Anon's Animal Album

Cinematic-realism for animal templates doesn't seem too farfetched for DF.

DF more or less operates on that level, as you have Heroic Archer (You too can be a knock-off Legolas!) and Weapon Master (Oh boy... the entire combat difficulty paradigm has to be balanced around the Weapon Masters, leaving the non-Weapon Masters in the dust. The Wizard cries about only wimpishly swinging his staff about and just casts more magic instead....). I might grumble too about how the poor Thief seems weirdly out of place amongst the other DF profession templates... they're largely based on wholly un-cinematic abilities and seems to be of better use in a campaign not operating off of strictly-by-the-book DF that mostly doesn't care about a lot of lip-flapping roleplaying. I could probably write a whole essay roasting the DF product line but that's another topic, so I'll stop rambling there.
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