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Default [Banestorm] Introducting [DF20] Slayer powers into Banestorm setting

Looking for people's opinions. I was thinking of running a Banestorm game and I really like the various slayer powers from Dungeon Fantasy 20: Slayers. I wanted to introduce them into a Banestorm game if the players wanted to play a mage or undead slayer (I would allow demon slayers, but they are not quite as common so probably not the best to play). I am also looking at a 150ish point game, so I wouldn't use the templates in DF20 as-is.

My question that I would like opinions on is: would you use the powers as-is, or require a Mysticism power modifier in order to keep consistent with the world of Banestorm? If so, what disadvantages would you use. Most of the Mysticism power modifiers are pretty crippling for any adventurer. Both Discipline of the Faith: Mysticism and Monasticism, common ones for Mystic powers in Banestorm, require most of the character's time according to RAW, so I wouldn't want to use those since being a slayer is specifically about going adventuring. Assuming I don't use those, what disadvantages would you use for the power modifier? I could see something like Discipline of the Faith: Ritualism mixed with an obsession to slay the given type (in the case of magic users, it would be evil magic users).

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Default Re: [Banestorm] Introducting [DF20] Slayer powers into Banestorm setting

The most important part is the compatibility with your game. If you generally use power modifiers, use them, and if not don't. Just adjust the cp cost of the ability in question to remover or add a PM as needed.
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Default Re: [Banestorm] Introducting [DF20] Slayer powers into Banestorm setting

Well, Mysticism doesn't actually require you sequestering yourself, so someone with DoF: Mysticism could very well go out and adventure out into the world, as long as they spend most of their non-adventuring time spent in prayer and meditation. Maybe this could be combined with adventuring travel, with a Christian Demon Slayer on a pilgrimage journey to visit various holy sites, deviating only to hunt down rumors of demonic activity.
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banestorm, power modifiers, slayers

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