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Default Re: Animals in combat: some questions

Originally Posted by JoelSammallahti View Post

Now, that's well and good. But under No Fine Manipulatos (Martial Arts, p. 116) it says you suffer no penalty to grapple, takedown, or pin. Now, that just can't be right. No Fine Manipulators is not just for animals, it's also for people with both their arms cut off. I'm a little bit confused here.
No Fine Manipulators has two levels, the -30 level means you lack hand equivalents, but still may have paws and such, the -50 level is no limbs.
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Default Re: Animals in combat: some questions

As I said, I think Quadruped is the issue!
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Default Re: Animals in combat: some questions

Originally Posted by cdru View Post
You can't grapple with Brawling. Use Wrestling
I don't think anyone else pointed this out explicitly, so I will:

To grapple with your jaws, use Brawling, not Wrestling. Every bite counts as a one handed grapple, after which you can Worry for additional damage. See the rules in the Teeth box in Martial Arts pg. 115.

GURPS Technical Grappling can also add a lot to Animal combat, there are even mini-martial arts to model the fighting styles of different animals.
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animals, combat, martial arts

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