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Old 07-09-2022, 01:13 AM   #21
Prince Charon
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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Hyperskill pets vs moderate-skill warriors

OK, new scenario: Master Fu's pet monkey (we'll say he's a Tibetan Macaque, which is one of the varieties with stats in Pizard's Old World Monkeys in GURPS page) has Trained by a Master, and Throwing Art 23. He is attacked by three village boys, one with Throwing 11 and the other two with Throwing 10 (this is also how old they are). Both sides are using fallen nuts and other things commonly found on the ground nearby as ammunition. Master Fu (played by Jackie Chan) is pretending to be asleep, and won't interfere unless he has to prevent someone from being seriously injured, which is unlikely. Comedy rules are in effect, in case that needs to be said.
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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Hyperskill pets vs moderate-skill warriors

Assuming that Greebo-on-steroids is a typical cat despite the supernaturally high combat skill, it's going to pounce and then hang on with all four sets of claws biting whatever it can. That brings up the grappling rules, since the cat counts as encumbrance for the knight and might interfere with weapon use or defenses. The cat might also shift position on the knight's body to try to find a soft spot to bite.

It will start by going for the throat or face, then give up if it's only encountering armor, jump off of the knight and try to pounce on another hit location.

IIRC, there are rules for small creatures which allow them to get inside an opponent's clothing or armor. If those are in use it might just be possible for the cat to go for the groin by climbing up the knight's leg under the fauld (armored skirt that protects the groin and hips) or mail hauberk to attack the sensitive unarmored bits. Historically, men-at-arms didn't wear athletic cups and armored codpieces are a Renaissance era invention.

Depending on the armor, other potentially unarmored bits could be the back of the leg from thigh to shin and the armpit. Treat attacks to those areas as Chinks in Armor, but allow small creatures to target them using natural attacks. With skill 27 it would be easy for a Puss-in-Boots type swashbuckler to hit those locations.

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
For extra credit you get to figure out if the cat could manage to raise a raiseable Visor. :)
Which is why historical visors were locked in place using hooks, straps, or spring-mounted locking studs. A cat could conceivably unhook hooks, depress locking studs, or chew through straps, but it would take a while and either lots of practice or a human-level intelligence to pull such tricks off.

A helmet with spectacles might give enough eye protection to keep out sharp claws. A full visor would give complete protection. Combine it with an aventail, bevor, or gorget and the head and neck are completely protected from kitty rage. (I speak from personal experience, being both a cat person and a former armorer.)

Any small creature will have relative difficulty clinging to plate armor, so the cat isn't likely to hang out on a helmet for long. If it were stupid enough to try to cling to a helmet, it would be very easy for the knight to punch it away or even strike it with his weapon. Likewise, it would be hard for a cat to claw its way up a set up a full plate leg harness or get good purchase on an arm harness.

Unless it is super kitty, it isn't going to be able to bite through thick leather gloves like those used under gauntlets (again, ask me how I know . . .).

Finally, there's the cat's best method of killing humans - getting underfoot and tripping them. The cat might get stepped on, but if it takes the human down it's worth it. Treat "Getting Underfoot" as a variation on the Trip maneuver.
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Fred Brackin
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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Hyperskill pets vs moderate-skill warriors

Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post

Any small creature will have relative difficulty clinging to plate armor, maneuver.
I originally had the cat clinging to the surcoat typical of the full chain period.

I have seen one illustration of a mid-1300s knight who had a cloth cover over his greathelm with his heraldic decorations fastened to the cover.
Fred Brackin
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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Hyperskill pets vs moderate-skill warriors

In my opinion, the cat is most likely going to take defensive maneuvers (high dodge, evade) and attack only if threatened. But if it’s trained to deal with knights, then it would require some targeted attack techniques, like this one.
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