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Old 09-24-2021, 07:40 PM   #1
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Default Seeking additional players for Roll20 online game

(I am a player in this game, posting with permission from the GM)

We're playing GURPS Traveller ever other Friday at 7PM Central Time and we're looking for a couple of other folks to join us.

Details of the game, along with instructions on how to join can be found at

Thank you for your interest!
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Default Re: Seeking additional players for Roll20 online game

A little vignette from the game.

Falling Down

The Dawn Chaser was truly a good ship. It was well built, had some of the best and most reliable technology, it was powerful but not overly so. It was not extravagant and was obviously a working vessel, not some rich sophont's play thing.

Those on the ship had worked together and seemed to work well together. Not always fruitful in their endeavors, but professional and not getting thrown by small set backs. But maybe it was because they had not really been challenged, that the set backs had been small?

Maybe a poet would make an analogy to waves or storms suddenly appearing and causing the ship to be tossed... but it would not work, as those on the Dawn Chaser could not feel the other dimension they traveled through writhing or twisting. No one paid attention as outside the ship colors cycled through a series that repeated once, twice... then the ship seemed to pop out of Jump space, its nose pointed at a vast void.

This was not just any void, it was beyond that of some stellar dust cloud or a even the whirlpool around a black hole sucking down the mass of a galaxy. This void seemed to be a bottomless pit on such an epic scale that galaxies and star clusters could be seen falling down around the edges, fading into the mind boggling blackness of... nothing.

Where had they jumped to?
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