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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
A techno-mage that can foretell the future by predictive text and auto-correct.
The suggested text predicts the future; choosing one of the other options or editing in your own preference makes that the new future when you hit Return?

The first half gives us a diviner or seer. The second is the kind of mage that can make things happen, whether that's conjuring objects or mind control. The game/setting has to define how powerful that magic can be, of course. Choosing your question also becomes very important, as the predictive text depends on the early part of the sentence, and there's plenty of room for vague oracular predictions, with added danger if you dare to edit that text without really being sure what it's referring to.
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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

Simple Space Opera

Run a space opera game in gurps... using only the basic set, Fantasy, and DF3.

The most exotic aliens are Colepterans, Lizardfolk, Myrmidons, and Devilfish. sea elves, catfolk, ogres, wildfolk, minotaurs, winged elves, and ghouls/corpse eaters provide some more traditional but colorful choices. Weapons come from the basic set: lasers, blasters, and force swords. Ships consist mostly of modified star freighters (Basic p465).

Players should be ending planetary wars, rooting out pirates nooks, or making peace between aliens of different biomes who have long lived at war with each other. As an example mission:

As the factions of Colepteran union ready for war over their royal succession crisis, Tradgedy already stalks their borders: A rouge lizard-chief from the Sriss empire has destroyed the defensive forces on the Colepteran's Desert world of Klakotan, and is striking the surface with impunity, carrying off treasure and slaves. The players must stop this somehow.
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