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Old 04-20-2023, 07:33 AM   #41
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Default Re: Hexagram (general comments, all issues)

Heaxgram 11: Only two articles really seem to warrant errata, Oswolt's talents are written up in a wordy non-standard style and one other article:

The rest of the issue has some great concepts, but could use some more integration into TFT. Whataboutism casting Light on the heads of the Link Boys (pg 18), or even worse Dark Vision? These Street Children seem rather non-Cidri specific in general. What are the legal, guild, and social protections for these orphans that keep them from being kept as Drain Strength batteries? (Excellent case for Wizard Priests right there, that also have more general Streetwise of course.)

The source of the abilities of the book monsters on page 4 isn't revealed. Perhaps tsukumogami exist in Cidri, but books are some of the only objects that are preserved long enough to come alive?

My suggestion would be to apply the Bad Luck Die (pg 10) to a random member of the party whenever a critical spell failure is rolled, and apply the omen within a day or two.

Expanding Summoning (pg 28) leaves it up to the GM to account for the special abilities of the creatures. You can read the "points" as the Firepower rating for example.
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Old 04-23-2023, 06:39 AM   #42
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Default Re: Hexagram (general comments, all issues)

Hexagram #11 has been added to the Hexagram Article List.
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Old 04-26-2023, 02:22 AM   #43
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Default Re: Hexagram (general comments, all issues)

.Can anyone tell when Hexagram #12 will be available?
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Default Re: Hexagram (general comments, all issues)


There is no announced date. Hexagram has a very irregular publication schedule. It tends to be bundled with another item for Kickstarter, such as a Quick Quest or larger TFT item.

All I know is, I only have one article in the submission queue, so I'd better get cracking so as not to break my streak.

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