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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

The Compass Rose:

This is the logo of Chandlers, the famous seller of high-end traveller's items. It is a stylized compass rose, a symbology from pre-starflight Terran navigation. The compass is eight pointed, Red on white, with a gold rim. Other symbology is often written in as identifying markers to comply with any accidental trademark complications. On the rim is written in Black, Chandlers of (whatever world). Given Chandler's penchant for using local art work there will be variations of the generic format to allow for difficulty in reproducing it in local media. Insofar as possible this basic format remains. One common variant on compasses or items that contain a compass as a secondary tool is to place it in the center of the Rose logo. This is done on both the Alexandria and the Alexandria Deluxe (see below) handcomps.

The Compass Rose is found on any number of Chandler's products including many a typical spacer's personal chest. It is also found on pendants, model vehicles, cooking equipment for wardrooms and galleys, and musical instruments among other things sold at Chandlers.

Note: The description of the company "Chandlers" is to be found in Freelance Traveller. It is not the same as the generic occupation although of course Chandlering is one aspect of it's business. That is Chandlers is not the only chandler anymore then Made in Oregon sells everything that is made in Oregon.
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