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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

Mar 14 etr

Description: a 40 yard long beach 5 yards wide. The sand counts as bad footing. The sand is covered in weird patterns. A hidden lore (elder things) roll can identify their makers as Bladed Arm Beasts and warns the investigator against studying the patterns. An occultism or Thaumatology roll at -2 informs the investigator the patterns are dangerous. If these rolls fail, or a search or hidden lore or other investigative roll is made, the user must roll against will-2 or hallucinate for 10 minutes. The hallucinations are strange thoughts of shapes and swirls and dimensions. Destroying the patterns destroys the effect, and ignoring them requires a roll only after 5 minutes of being on the beach, and that roll is will+2.

Monsters: a Trio of Bladed Arm beasts live here. They are likely in the water when the beach is approached. Bladed Arm Beasts look like six-armed starfish with sharp blades formed by the carapaces of their arms. They are covered in a thick chitinous black armor with segments a foot across. numerous eyes form two horizontal lines in their main torso, with an alien orifice serving as a sort of mouth between them*.

Though they are intelligent, They will not negotiate, and will attack trespassers, but may flee into the lake if the fight turns against them.

ST 20     HP 20         Speed 6.25
DX 12     Will 11       Move 6
IQ 11     Per 11        
HT 12     FP 12         SM +1

Dodge 11    Parry 13    DR 10

Bladed Arm (14): 3d6+2 cutting

Skills: brawling -14, stealth -13, wrestling -14

Traits: Doesn't Sleep or breathe, 
Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +8, Magic Resistance 5
Extra arm 2, Extra arm 2 (foot manipulator), Extra attack,
No Head, No Neck, No eyes (many many eyes), Regrowth
Amphibious, terrain adaptation (sand), Night Vision 9, 
Perk: bioluminesense

Class: Elder Thing
Exits: A crank fixed into the wall slowly (10 seconds) opens a stone door on the left side of the beach. The Beach connects to the lake of Mar 3 (its the southern corner)

Treasure: Extracting the bioluminescence organs of the Bladed Arm beasts takes a survival roll for each, and each is worth $1,000 to an alchemist if sold within the next three days, and $500 if sold within the week. They will glow with the light of a torch for the next week. Roll Alchemy or Hidden Lore (Elder Things) to see if the characters know about the organs. 22 golf-ball sized stones engraved with strange patterns reminiscent of the sand have been neatly stacked. The Bladed Arm Beasts made these, and each is a quarter of a lb, and worth $100, if the seller knows what they are.. they're likely to be ripped off for half price or less if not! Starring intensely at one of them trigger the same effect as the sand patterns, but at will+2.

*Thanks to Matrix walker for the basic morphology of this monster!
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