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Default Any Vehicle 3e space launder designs out there

Good morning,

I'm dusting off notes for a near future space campaign and for background detail (and masochism) I'm wondering if anyone has put together V3e stats for space launchers (Saturn V, Space Shuttle, Falcon 9H et all) or any real world space craft.


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Lord Carnifex
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Default Re: Any Vehicle 3e space launder designs out there

I tried putting together a TL8 single-stage to orbit spaceplane. Never did get it to work. One thing you'll run into is that Vehicles doesn't take into account diminishing weight as fuel is expended. I had to convert Tsiolkovsky's rocket equation into GURPS terms. Give me a day or two and I'll try to dig up my notes.
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Default Re: Any Vehicle 3e space launder designs out there

Onno Meyer did a TL8 spaceplane:

[gurps] [VEHICLE] of the week 662 - TL8 Spaceplane
Onno Meyer Onno.Meyer at
Sun Jul 1 07:17:25 CDT 2007

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This is a weekly posting with GURPS vehicles (and the like) to the
GURPSnet mailing list. I grant the permission for all non-commercial
redistribution of my work, but I would like to know if you put it on
a website or the like. My site is down for rebuilding, but sooner or
later the old stuff should reappear at
Onno Meyer, 2007-07-01

Spaceplane v1.0 (TL8)
Copyright 2007 by Onno Meyer

Many space exploration scenarios require a cheap and reusable launch
vehicle. For near future games, this spaceplane should do the job. The
spaceplane carries 10 tons of cargo, passengers and crew.
The spaceplane uses hydrogen/oxygen rockets for a horizontal takeoff
and a rapid climb to low earth orbit (LEO). The acceleration starts at
3 G and increases until the engines are throttled back to maintain 4-5
G. In a few minutes the spaceplane will reach some 8 km/s and over 100
km altitude. The spaceplane docks with an OTV or transfer station with
almost dry tanks. Then it uses the remaining delta-V, perhaps 300 m/s,
to enter the atmosphere and start aerobraking. Finally it returns as
unpowered glider.
The engines burn 1,375 gallons of HO per second. A full load of fuel
is $21,000.

Subassemblies: Body +8, ten retractable Wheels +3.
Powertrain: Three 500,000-lb. chemical rockets; 540,000-kWs advanced
Fuel: 200,000 gallons HO (fire on 13).
Occ: 2 RCS, 8 RS. Cargo: 900 cf.

Armor F RL B T U
Body: 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100
Wheels: 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5

Body: Two very long range radios; two 5x LLTVs; two 1-mile radars,
low-res imaging; low-resolution planetary survey array; flight data
recorder; two sets of precision navigation instruments; two inertial
navigation systems; two C2 small, hardened computers; two terminals;
two-man airlock; two 10x12 man-hour limited life systems; cramped
toilet; ten G-seats.

Size: 200'x30'x20' Payload: 220 tons Lwt.: 250 tons
Volume: 45,000 cf Maint.: 7 man-hours Price: $35,792,400

HT: 7. HPs: 3,000 Body, 90 each Wheel

Takeoff (powered)
gSpeed: 620 gAccel: 30 gDecel: 10 gMR: 0.25 gSR: 4
aSpeed: 2,650 aAccel: 60 aDecel: 1 aMR: 0.25 aSR: 5
Stall Speed 220.

sAccel: 3 to 18.75. sMR: 3 Delta-V: 20,774 mph

Landing (gliding)
aSpeed: 200 aAccel: 0 aDecel: 1 aMR: 0.25 aSR: 5
gSpeed: 0 gAccel: 0 gDecel: 10 gMR: 0.25 gSR: 4
Glide Speed 200. Stall Speed 90. Glide Ratio 5:1.

Design Notes
Finely made. Body is 45,000 cf, with very good streamlining and
lifting body. Wheels are 2,250 cf, retract into body. Structure is
extra-light and advanced. Armor is advanced, fireproof ablative on body,
advanced composite on wheels. Sealed. Computerized controls with
duplicate maneuver controls. There are 815.47 cf of empty space. Empty
weight is 60,000 lbs.
The vehicle uses the design rules from Vehicles [2nd edition, 3rd
printing, Dec 2004 errata], VXi and VXii (the armor volume rule) with
the text format from Vehicles Lite.
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Default Re: Any Vehicle 3e space launder designs out there

VotW 745 is a TL7 Orion freighter.

This is a TL8 fission-powered shuttle I made:

TL 8 Shuttle 200 tons = maxLWt: 400,000 lb Size+7

Body: 20,000 cf / 4,421 sf
2 Wings: 1,000 cf / 900 sf
Retractable Wheels: 1,000 cf / 600 s
Totals: 23,000 cf / 6,821 sf, Drag 155.525, Lift 2,242.1

6x Roomy Crewstation with Terminal/Crashweb/G-seat/HUD,
50x Roomy Seat with Crashweb/G-seat, Toilet (Normal/Superior),
Computerized and Duplicate Controls, 3x Hardened Microframes,
2x VLR-Com/Scrambler, 8x LR-Com/Scrambler, 2x LR-Tightbeam-Com/Scrambler, 2x LR-Lasercom/Scrambler,
3x Transponder, 3x GPS, 3x INS, 2x Advanced Radar Detector, 3x Flightrecorder,
F: AirSearch NoTarget Radar 200 miles / Scan 25, NoTarget AESA 100 miles / Scan 23,
F: TG 20 miles / Scan 19, LLTV x70,
L/R/B: 3x TG 10 miles / Scan 17, 3x LLTV x10,
28 man-days limited life-support (56x 12 hours), Full Fire Suppression, 2x Airlock 4,
1,200,000 lb thrust Fission Rocket,
10,000 gallons ultralight self-sealing tanks in wings, 50x rE-cell,
Radical Streamlining, Sealed, Radiation Shielding, MD VeryExp Frame, Improved Brakes, Smartwheels,
Body/Wings U: DR 30 ExpComposite, Body/Wings F/L/R/B/T: DR 20 ExpComposite

Reaction Mass Endurance: 5 minutes

sAccel: 3 G
delta-V: 5.97 mps or 21,503 mph

EWt: 237,865.25 lb, Reaction Mass Wt: 85,000 lb, Payload: 77,134.75 lb
Cargo/empty: 3,205.65 cf
Cost: 191,062,803.8 $ (= 2,478 $ / lb payload)

aSpeed: 7,605 mph (Mach 10.27)

aMR: 2

StallSpeed: 245 mph
gAccel: 35 mph/s, gDecel: 20 mph/s
Takeoff Runway: 429 yards, Landing Runway 751 yards

HT 8 / 6,632
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Default Re: Any Vehicle 3e space launder designs out there


Thanks for the designs. I ended up getting GVB and while it's great fun for normal vehicle building, multistage surface to orbit craft with boosters seems to be a bit beyond it.

One fun design that came out of messing with it was a swing wing SSTO craft that used a pair of hyperfans for take off and then a fusion torch for the second stage - alas nothing else created a high enough ISP.

So without further ado: the TL8 (with a bit of TL9) Pegasus Swing-wing SSTO

TL8 Swing-wing SSTO

Crew: 2 total. 2 crew stations covering vehicle maneuvering system, 2 communicators, 4 navigation aids, 2 sensors.

Subassemblies: Vehicle +6, Body +6, 2xWings +3, Pod [2xWings] +5, Wheels +4.

P&P: two 150,000 lbs. thrust fusion ram-rockets (Isp 21,176, delta-V 17,418 mph; no access space), 70,000 lbs. thrust hyperfan (no access space) [Pod].

Fuel: 660 gal self-sealing ultralight fuel tank (fire modifier -1), 660 gal water, 7,000 gal hydrogen (fire 13) [Pod], 7,000 gal self-sealing ultralight fuel tank (fire modifier -1) [Pod].

Occ: two normal crew stations, 6 man-day limited life support system Cargo: 2,000-cf cargo hold w/cargo density 40-lbs/cf

Armor F RL B T U
Body 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/100
Wings 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/100
Pod 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/100
Wheels 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/30 4/100

All: sealed. Body: two long range radio communicators (1,000-mile range); LLTV (magnification x10); AESA (scan 25, 200-mile range; non-targeting); PESA (scan 23, 100-mile range); three autopilots; IFF; two inertial compass; terrain following radar system; escape capsule (2 crew); two human crew/passengers; full fire suppression system; computer navigation program (C2); +3 damage control program (C3); datalink program (C1); routine vehicle operation program (piloting-13, C3); three mini-computers (complexity 3; compact). Wings: fire extinguisher system.

Size: [LxWxH] 57.5’x14.4’x7.18’ Payload: 94,530 lbs. Lwt.: 151,510 lbs.
Volume: 5,931 cf Maint.: 2.52 hours (38.1 mh/day) Price: $1,006,882,889

HT: 13 HP: 6,000 [Body], 1,124 each [2xWings], 2,400 [Pod], 167 each [18xWheels].

Take off and landing: Stall Speed 205 mph, Drag 101, Top Speed 1,610 mph, aAccel 18 mph/s, aMR 6, aSR 5, aDecel 25 mph/s.

Space Performance: sAccel (unloaded) 1.98 G, ( 1.98 G), sDecel 1.98 G, sMR 1.98, sAccel 40 mph/s.

Wheeled Ground Performance: Speed Factor 16, Top Speed 670 mph, gAccel 35 mph/s, gDecel 10 mph/s, gMR 0.25, gSR 5, Ground Pressure 6,060 lbs./sf, Off Road Speed 110 mph.

Max boost: Stall Speed 415 mph, Drag 101, Top Speed 5,710 mph, aAccel 60 mph/s, aMR 5, aSR 5, aDecel 20 mph/s.

Design Notes:
TL8 heavy frame very expensive materials [Vehicle].
T TL8 DR 30 advanced fireproof ablative, U TL8 DR 100 advanced fireproof ablative, L TL8 DR 30 advanced fireproof ablative, R TL8 DR 30 advanced fireproof ablative, F TL8 DR 30 advanced fireproof ablative, B TL8 DR 30 advanced fireproof ablative [Vehicle].
Payload Cost: $1,400
Vehicle Features: computerized controls, radical streamlining, finely made.
Wings: standard, auto-variable.
Wheels: quantity 18, heavy.
Volume: 3,612 cf [Body], 203 cf [2xWings], 1,191 cf [Pod], 722 cf [Wheels].
Area: 2,000 sf [Body], 375 sf [2xWings], 800 sf [Pod], 500 sf [Wheels].
Empty Space: 200 cf [2xWings].
Take off and landing: external item drag 0, payload 0, sweep out-swept,;
Space Performance: Payload 0;
Wheeled Ground Performance:;
Max boost: external item drag 0, payload 0, sweep back-swept, unclamp top speed;

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