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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! OOC

Bain spends the entire morning checking the sage's map (Cartography, 14:13) and updating his own map with its information; he pays attention to the following:

Where treasure located?
Are there annotations about threats or other special indications hinting hotspots? (such as symbols or drawings of lizardmen, cyclops, orcs, seductive winged women, elder things, cringe jokes (advice), dragons, better paths, other dungeons, etc.)

He also wants to pinpoint treasure located in the route the party has been following.

On the other hand, he tells his friends about the portal, quietly but ASAP; he did not find anything special besides the very fact of its momentary existence. But perhaps one of the mages in the party can check for residual magic.

Bain also checks the place for tracks (tracking, 12:11), then he works with the map.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Is this while telrith is sleeping in a nice bed he paid for or going back to the caves?
Taking what you just said into account, this happened while you were at the inn. Vicious, Gathika and Bain slept in the wilderness; do not we haven't left town, just saving coin.

They will meet with you at the inn, most likely.
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