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Default Re: Examples of 4e Combat

Comment on Ranged 2:

You might want to consider changing this from a head-shot insta-kill to a chest shot.

Give him a bolt-action .338 a choice of ammo, and make him either a worse shot or farther away.

First shot to Vitals with AP ammo, done as he gets from front door to his car. 9d+1(2) will do 31 pts of damage to effective DR18. That's 13 penetrating, either x3 for vitals or x1/2 for pi- (from the AP). The x3 is probably a killing shot; the x1/2 is 6pts of damage, enough for a major wound.

alternately, you can make the first shot regular, hit the armor, and be stopped. The DR23 trauma plates are penetrated, but the DR12 vest is not. If the roll was kinda-good (say, 34pts instead of an average 31), one could rule that since 10pts of damage was stopped by the flexible tactical vest, one point of blunt trauma damage was suffered. (p. B379)

Then the guy has to reload, and he selects an AP bullet, and whammies the guy to the torso through a car window or something.
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