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Old 06-19-2024, 02:46 PM   #1
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Default Miniature Sets & Factions

I've been picking up some Ogre miniatures sets and trying to get a sense of whether I should paint some to be of other factions beyond the original two.

I don't have access to all of the available scenarios out there, so maybe someone can let me know what they think...

How many factions make sense for the sets I have? Or is it even worth making other factions for the # of scenarios that require them?

What I have:
Set 1 - 2
Set 3 - 2
Set 4 - 2
Many Minis (1 x set 1, 5 x set 2, plus extra Ogres, etc)
Gamma 2018 Retailer Box (2 x Set 1)

So grand total is...

Set 1 = 5
Set 2 = 5
Set 3 = 2
Set 4 = 2

Maybe two sets each for the two main factions and 3 x Set 1 & 3 x set 2 for three smaller factions?

My other thought was to get some more Set #4s then make two additional factions painting them different shades of blue and red than the main factions. That way they could be different factions or used as 'allies' of the main factions.

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Default Re: Miniature Sets & Factions

The "Salvage" scenario in Scenario Book 2 takes up to 9 factions, though AFAIK there's only been one game at that size.
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