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Default Re: Is this *technically* legal by RAW?

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
Regeneration: The earth is subject to catastrophic events all the time, but mere moments after they have happened the tectonic plates resettle, lava flows stop, and giant asteroid craters are filled in with water;
No, the earth is not subject to catastrophic effects all the time. The things that humans call "catastrophes" are NORMAL. They're highly inconvenient to us, but they're no more catastrophic events to the planet than your guts gurgling or you moving your arm is a catastrophic event to YOU.

The top crust layer with all the "interesting" tectonic activity isn't much more than a thin skin on the surface of the actual planet. It's probably worth many thousand ablative DR, but it's hardly "the planet" itself. It's only barely more significant than the dangerously thin haze on top we call the atmosphere; the worlds oceans run a bit thicker than that in some places, but deep ocean trenches and high ridges and subduction zones aren't DAMAGE on the planet, they're the geological equivalent of metabolic action.

There's been precious few asteroid impacts that punch through the crust. They certainly don't happen every day, and as noted, if something like that DOES happen, the Melder will probably thank his lucky stars he was melded for that instant and only took a HP or two of damage, instead of being wiped out like everyone else. Or be horrified that he's the last survivor, one or the other.
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Default Re: Is this *technically* legal by RAW?

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
Tectonic problem: With meld 2 you can choose to meld with a single object or a series of related objects (IE, eld 1, the mountain, meld 2, the earth); but you don't seem to be able to choose anything in between- so if Meld 1 won't cover it and you have meld 2 it does not seem you can say 'the mountain, the valley beyond, and the plains beyond that' it is 'the mountain' or 'the earth'
I don't see a constraint on how the distributed object is defined. +300% is awfully expensive to lack any kind of flexibility between one rock and the whole world.

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
since there is some interesting tectonic activity going on somewhere on the earth essentially all the time, and the fractional damage that the earth suffered compared to your minuscule hit points will be rounded up to one full damage you can't meld with the earth without suffering 1 damage.
I don't recall Meld being subject to a round-up rule.

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
Heat, cold, and sunlight: See my note above for melding with specific objects or the whole earth- if you are melded with the whole earth <to cover extreme distance with the meld-port or to engage targets who are in multiple land features> you will be subjected somewhere to the most intense sunlight, most intense heat, and most intense cold on the earth <by definition>- so it is not so much that covering a large are will cause you to be more vulnerable to the sunlight so much as some of you must be at the point on the earth where the sun is the most intense for the entire duration you remain melded with the earth.
Okay - so being Melded with the earth is like being having the hottest and coldest weather touching propotional parts of your body at once? Like being in a hot tub and covered in snow at the same time? I've done that for a dare on a ski trip.

Originally Posted by lexington View Post
Why do you get the Earth's ability to regenerate but not its resistance to extremes of temperature?
The Meld ability doesn't let you get any abilities of the Meldee, other than those inherent to the shape and size of the object. Being inside a red hot rock surrounded by other red hot rocks I would think would cook your flesh as fast or faster as being in a red hot oven, so I don't recommend Melding all the way to the bottom of the earth's crust, or even more than cave-deep unless you have some kind of heat resistance abilities.
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