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Old 03-21-2021, 07:15 AM   #1
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Default "SJG IDs" instead of Pyramid Names in Pyramid 3 Bundle

I just bought the pyramid 3 bundle and was excited to go read some articles I'd been looking forward to only to find that the issues in the zip file are named in a way that is nonsense to me. I did figure out that you can decipher the number to get the issue number, and I was a tiny bit less frustrated until I started unzipping the sub zips to find the internals of those follow a completely different scheme (having the issue number plainly along with the title).

I'd find the bundle infinitely easier to use if the contents were named like individual pyramids instead of SJG IDa that mean nothing to me. Having to open each file to get the title in order to name the sensibly is a lot of work to put on every customer
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Old 03-21-2021, 12:44 PM   #2
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Default Re: "SJG IDs" instead of Pyramid Names in Pyramid 3 Bundle

Not sure how much this will help (given what you describe), but now that you have the Pyramid 3 bundle:

Link to Pyramid 3 Index on the SJ Games forum
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Old 03-24-2021, 09:43 AM   #3
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Default Re: "SJG IDs" instead of Pyramid Names in Pyramid 3 Bundle

Huh. I'm glad I acquired the Pyramid pdfs piecemeal. SJGames has always taken a decidedly minimalist approach with online selling, but this takes the cake. If I paid good money for a large set of electronic book files, and found that the seller couldn't even be bothered to label them, I would be looking for ways to get a refund.
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Old 02-07-2022, 06:06 PM   #4
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Default Re: "SJG IDs" instead of Pyramid Names in Pyramid 3 Bundle

I eventually wrote a python script to extract them how I like:
import re
import zipfile
import os

#Names of all 122 issues of Pyramid 3
pyramid_names = [
    "Tools of the Trade: Wizards",
    "Looks Like a Job for... Superheroes",
    "Venturing Into the Badlands: Post Apocalypse",
    "Magic on the Battlefield",
    "Horror & Spies",
    "Space Colony Alpha",
    "Urban Fantasy",
    "Space Opera",
    "Crime and Grime",
    "Cinematic Locations",
    "Tech and Toys",
    "Martial Arts",
    "Transhuman Space",
    "Historical Exploration",
    "Modern Exploration",
    "Space Exploration",
    "Tools of the Trade: Clerics",
    "Infinite Worlds",
    "Action Adventures",
    "Epic Magic",
    "Underwater Adventures",
    "Monsters in Space",
    "Thaumatology II",
    "Monster Hunters",
    "Fears of Days Past",
    "Alternate Gurps",
    "Dungeon Fantasy",
    "Tech and Toys II",
    "The Power of Myth",
    "Fantasy World Building",
    "Thaumatology III",
    "Alternate Gurps II",
    "Weird Science",
    "The Rogue's Life",
    "Secret Magic",
    "Dungeon Fantasy II",
    "Tech and Toys III",
    "Low-Tech II",
    "Social Engineering",
    "Military Sci-Fi",
    "Urban Fantasy II",
    "Dungeon Fantasy III",
    "Way of the Warrior",
    "Transhuman Space II",
    "Infinite Worlds II",
    "Pirates and Swashbucklers",
    "Alternate GURPS III",
    "The Laws of Magic",
    "Tools of the Trade: Villains",
    "Natural Magic",
    "Psionics II",
    "Fourth Edition Festival",
    "Spaceships II",
    "Alternate Dungeons",
    "Monster Hunters II",
    "Wild West",
    "Hero's Jackpot",
    "Dungeon Fantasy IV",
    "Unleash Your Soul",
    "Space Atlas",
    "Fantasy Threats",
    "Horrific Creations",
    "Magical Creations",
    "Alternate GURPS IV",
    "Cutting Edge",
    "Low Tech III",
    "The End Is Nigh",
    "Alternate Dungeons 2",
    "After the End",
    "Thaumatology IV",
    "Cops and Lawyers",
    "Spaceships III",
    "Overland Adventures",
    "Tech and Toys IV",
    "Strange Powers",
    "Welcome to Dungeon Fantasy",
    "Death and Beyond",
    "Pyramid Secrets",
    "Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game",
    "Cinematic Magic",
    "Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game II",
    "Monster Hunters III",
    "Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game III",
    "Thaumatology V",
    "Deep Space",
    "Combat II",
    "Action II",
    "Dungeon Fantasies",
    "Mind Over Magic",
    "Hot Spots",
    "Dungeon Trips",
    "After the End II",
    "Alternate GURPS V",
    "Travels and Tribulations",
    "All Good Things",

#Replace colons with a dash to be windows-friendly
colon_pattern = re.compile(r'''\s*:\s*''')
pyramid_names = [colon_pattern.sub(" - ", name) for name in pyramid_names]

#Pattern of zip entries to extract number and type
file_pattern = re.compile(r'''^SJG37-2([67]\d\d)\.(pdf|zip)$''', re.IGNORECASE)

def extract(zz, src, dest):
    path = os.path.dirname(dest)
    if path and not os.path.isdir(path):
    with as sfp:
        with open(dest, "wb") as dfp:

if not os.path.isdir("Pyramid 3"):
    os.mkdir("Pyramid 3")

with zipfile.ZipFile("") as zz:
    for item in zz.infolist():
        m = file_pattern.match(item.filename)
        if not m:
            print("ERROR:", item)
        num = int( - 600
        if == "pdf":
            extract(zz, item, os.path.join("Pyramid 3", f"{num} - {pyramid_names[num - 1]}.pdf"))
        elif == "zip":
            extract(zz, item, os.path.join("Pyramid 3", f"{num} - {pyramid_names[num - 1]}.zip"))
        #print(num, ")", item, "=", pyramid_names[num - 1], "|",
Put it in the same folder as the "" and it'll extract everything into a "Pyramid 3" folder with correct names. It doesn't unzip the contained zip files, so you have to do that step manually but there are only a few.
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Old 02-10-2022, 10:33 AM   #5
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Default Re: "SJG IDs" instead of Pyramid Names in Pyramid 3 Bundle

I applaud your efforts, Extrarius. That's a really nice way of helping the community.

As for the supposed "minimalist approach", I got to say that I've only seen this problem with bundles and special stuff like Kickstarters and then only with some files. At least the Warehouse doesn't drop like every fourth download like DriveThruRPG. And let's not forget that minimalist means no blasted DRM either.
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