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Default Re: Centrum & Gernsback

Originally Posted by Johnny1A.2 View Post
Probably not, because they wouldn't see those things as the problem. Yeah, they'd recoil in horror from the Reichhlines, but they'd see the problem as racism and eugenics done in horrible ways and for the wrong reasons. They wouldn't see it as an inherent problem, any more than the fact that civilized governments stop imprisoning murderers because despotisms imprison dissenters, if you see the distinction.
So their horror would be more how the Reichs' racism manifests mostly?

Makes me wonder if things like the Jim Crow laws or those impromptu lynchings, or South Africa's apartheid laws, would be considered sort of distasteful on Gernsback?
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Default Re: Centrum & Gernsback

They probably despise lynchings as a breakdown of law and order. But Jim Crow laws might be more tolerable as people staying "in their proper place".
It's extreme "inefficient bigotry" that they would disapprove of, not that certain ethnicities are "genetically inferior" and need different rules.
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