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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
Imperial Education Ministry

This ministry, in alliance with the Ministry of Culture, works to create a unified galactic culture. They don't bother trying to set the educational standards for everyone. A unified working class culture would only benefit Ine Givar. The IEM works to build and sustain a unified educational curriculum for the Nobility and the other elites of the Imperium. Such a curriculum creates a common language for the leaders of society. The IEM also works to make sure that the nobility get a somewhat better and more adaptable education. So that nobles simply seem smarter and more worthy.

The IEM also works to limit educational opportunities for those seen as a threat to the 3I. Also, certain ideas are keep out of circulation or in circulation according to their usefulness. The idea that "It's a proven fact democracy can't work on a galactic scale." is in point of fact unproved. However, keeping everybody of importance believing that it is a proven fact that democracy can't work keeps Ine Givar a fringe movement and keeps the masses willing to make sacrifices to sustain a system that marginalizes them. The Imperial Educational Ministry wants everybody to learn the lessons that suit their station in life. And especially those that keep them in that station.
To be honest it is hard for me to see how there can be democracy on that level. Indeed I really can't see how it is possible above the level of a town meeting. Having a hybrid is a different manner. But the general rule is oligarchy with a greater or lesser degree of public consent or at least indifference. In any case the Imperium seems to me to be a functional constitutional monarchy by virtue of the fact that the Emperor has only a mortal's attention span. At least that is the way I put it IMTU.
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