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Default Gernsback: Seeding World War II

Okay, love the setting of Gernsback from GURPS Alternate Earth (the world of Tesla super-science and the aversion of WW2). But at the line "Nothing can go Wrong", the set up question is clear: What can go wrong?

To begin with, there's the fact that civil rights and women's rights are seriously set back in Gernsback, as WW2's absence never really shook up segregation or boosted feminism.

With the USSR taken down, Communism becomes a fringe, "revolutionary" movement again, which might find root with the aformentioned oppressed minorities. And that's assuming there aren't Stalin loyalists preparing their own armed revolution in Russia to reclaim it from the "foreign tyrants".

Then there's a possible root of conflict in Imperial Japan's Chinese territories, where I'm sure there are a lot of people who still resent being ruled by the Japanese Invaders.

And then you have Mad Geniuses deciding that the WSC is far too stodgy, their "limited minds" being unable to accept revolutionary ideas like a new Death Ray, a mind shriveling virus, or atomically mutated giant lobsters.

So I'm thinking a "Great Science War" could involve a group of Mad Scientists with Communist leanings deciding to overthrow the World Science Council and shake up the "oppressive" world order and establish a new one. ...and damn the consequences.
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