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Default Pyramid magic issues

This index is now on the GURPS Wiki, check "Magic Articles" for whats below but the full Pyramid Vol 3 Index is here.
The index is cool and all but I had the thought of listing the magic stuff in one place that came from Pyramid and organized by type of system.
3/28 Thaumatology II It's Pure Chemistry!
3/68 Natural Magic Ars Metalica
3/82 Magical Creations Dungeon Brewmasters
3/109 Thaumatology V Magnum Opus (System for what materials to use)

GURPS Magic The Default system. Skills based and combat focused.
3/25 Epic Magic Essential Magic
3/25 Epic Magic Quartermaster Mage
3/28 Thaumatology II Ceremonial Magic Made Easy.
3/36 Dungeon Fantasy All Charged Up Over Magic Items
3/43 Thaumatology III Cultists of The Elder Gods (Psi and DF priests)
3/43 Thaumatology III Magic as Technological Progress
3/48 Secret Magic Eidetic Memery: Bibliomancy
3/48 Secret Magic Anything For Power (Symbol Drawing) in Odds and Ends
3/60 Dungeon Fantasy III Wizardry Refined
3/66 The Laws of Magic Thoroughly Modern Magic
3/66 The Laws of Magic The Material Difference
3/66 The Laws of Magic Designers Notes: Wilderness Adventures
3/76 Dungeon Fantasy IV Hidden Knowledge
3/91 Thaumatology III The Thaumatology of Metallurgy
3/114 Mind Over Magic EM: Glass Magic and the Specularii
3/115 Technomancer Every article in it seems to have something, spells, new options, discussion on enchanted equipment, etc.

GURPS Powers Based Systems
3/1 Tools of the Trade-Wizards Necromantic Tools
3/19 Tools of the Trade-Clerics Auras of Power
3/68 Natural Magic Green Power
3/91 Thaumatology III Technomysticism
3/99 Death and Beyond Soul Reapers

GURPS Powers: Divine Favor
3/36 Dungeon Fantasy Dungeon Saints
3/47 The Rogue's Life May the Shadows Guide You
3/50 Dungeon Fantasy II Saintly Power-Ups
3/65 Alternate GURPS III Divine Favor for the Masses

Sorcery Versatile
3/63 Infinite Worlds II The Power of Sorcery
3/82 Magical Creations The Sorceror
3/105 Cinematic Magic Super Sorcery!
3/105 Cinematic Magic Chi Sorcery (Uses Sorcery system for Chi powers)
3/105 Cinematic Magic Gourmet Alchemy (Modular Powers as Elixers)
3/122 All Good Things Native American Crusaders (Mystic powers for GUrPS Monster Hunters)
Fan built spells by Eggplant

End Powers Based Section

GURPS Ritual Path Magic Improvisational magic
3/43 Thaumatology III Bottled Magic
3/48 Secret Magic Magical Tradecraft
3/56 Prehistory The Old Ways
3/66 The Laws of Magic Alternative Ritual Path Magic
3/66 The Laws of Magic Ritual Path Specialists
3/66 The Laws of Magic Repercussive Rituals
3/75 Heroes Jackpot A Familiar Path
** 3/109 Thaumatology V Designers Notes: Incantation Magic (Related to, but not exactly RPM)
3/110 Deep Space Aethyric Space
**3/114 Mind Over Magic Incanters Grimoire

GURPS Thaumatology Book/Path
3/13 Thaumatology Fairy Tale Magic, p. 4
3/43 Thaumatology III Ghoul Magic (Book/Path)
3/66 The Laws of Magic The Azure Dragon (Book/Path)

GURPS Thaumatology Realm Magic
3/122 All Good Things Sufficiently Deranged Realm Magic as Weird Science. Can be useful for magic sciences and other categories as well.

GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles
3/4 Magic on the Battlefield The Society of Siege Sorcerers
3/28 Thaumatology II Yellow Goblin Magic
3/48 Secret Magic The Way of the Keepers
3/48 Secret Magic The First Resistance
3/64 Pirates and Swashbucklers Scurvey Dog Sorcery
3/68 Natural Magic Magic of the Shaded Woodlands
3/109 Thaumatology V The Teramancers (Monsters)
3/114 Mind Over Magic EM: Glass Magic and the Specularii

GURPS Power Ups: Imbuements
3/4 Magic on the Battlefield The Perfect Defense
3/12 Tech and Toys Psi-Powered Imbuements
3/13 Thaumatology The Mystic Knight
3/36 Dungeon Fantasy Powering Up: Imbuements
3/60 Dungeon Fantasy III Mystic Power Ups
3/71 Spaceships II Vehicle Imbuements
3/102 Epic: Crafting Imbuements Designer notes

GURPS Power Ups 5: Impulse Buys
3/48 Secret Magic Forewarned is Forearmed
3/75 Heroes Jackpot Drinkable, Wearable, Impossible Points
3/100 Pyramid Secrets Impulse Control
3/105 Cinematic Magic Lights! Camera! Magic!

Misc Stuff
Can Apply widely
3/7 Urban Fantasy Of Sound and Signs
3/25 Epic Magic All The Epic Ways
3/38 The Power of Myth Art of Prophecy”, a systemless article giving advice on how to handle foresight.
3/48 Secret Magic Onomancy
3/58 Urban Fantasy II Hunting the Cabal (bonus to various systems, but mostly RPM and Magic)
3/67 Tools of the Trade: Villains How Very Tempting Selling your soul and demonic contracts, useful for any system.
3/114 Mind Over Magic Names Have Power (Options for any system)
3/120 Alternate GURPS V The Fifth Attribute (Replacing IQ for Magic/Supernatural abilities)

Background Fluff (Only included stuff with crunch or that helps magic rather then just background material)
3/1 Tools of the Trade-Wizards Guildhall of the Hermetic Brotherhood
3/1 Tools of the Trade-Wizards Tooling With Curses
3/1 Tools of the Trade-Wizards Out of the Rough, Magic gems in RPGs
3/4 Magic on the Battlefield Magical Naval Warfare
3/46 Wierd Science Metatronic Generators (Often suggested for Magi-tech)
3/82 Magical Creations Instruments of Enchantment (Musical instruments as magic items)
3/91 Thaumatology III Codex Duello (A subsystem for ritualized mage duels)
3/97 Strange Powers Mask of Humanity (Hidden supernatural)

Updated to 3/122 except for any issue I am missing. If you see any missed or wrongly assigned items please let me know.
Missing Issues Include (Note that some of these are included above because of help from readers like you!)
3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 22, 23, 26, 28
31, 32, 33, 35, 38, 39, 42, 47, 52, 57, 59, 62, 64, 73, 81, 88, 90
92, 93, 95, 113, 116, 117

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