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Default Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
"Its a muzzle or a crate. Which do you want? Sorry, we have to be careful."
Peter relents...

"Sorry Boy..."

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Cauldwell: "And of course the first thing that happens is you get swept up and put in this place! or did you intentionally seek incarceration out so you could locate us?"

"We haven't gotten too much done yet, what with the walls a secrecy."

Patterson: "Nothing direct, but its a good place to set some of this up. We've got people from all over the states, and they all know about the secret. We'll need a bunch of civilians, and this is most of our recruiting pool."

Cauldwell: "But you'd rather be out actually setting things up."

Patterson: "Well yes, of course."
Peter enjoys the visit and getting caught up and seeing what they may have come up with and just how many recruits they have...

While he is here, he will follow up on or restart his request for schoolbooks to be sent to Thuroma for him, and if he is welcome to return and assist them, a copy for here.
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lost in dreams

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