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Default other-college spells other than Recover Energy being allowed for One-College Magery?

I was wondering what would be the easiest way to get access to other stuff, basic meta spells that might be important between duels of mages of the same element trying to cancel each other's effects.

For a firemage if you can't "Counterspell" your rival's "Create Fire" you could probably use "Extinguish Fire" but I don't think a convenient alternative always exists.

M185's "Shape Water" for example, you could normally Counterspell to make it lose it's shape, but if that weren't an option all I could think is a 2nd mage casting Shape Water on that as well, and maybe some kind of Quick Contest between the spells to see who gets the highest influence on the final shape?

Also seems like for Blocking Spells having limited versions of "Catch Spell" could make sense? Like you could allow a fire-college-only mage to have a custom "Catch Fire Spell" which could catch fireballs but not ice balls.

This might also be important in places with Aspected Mana or if relying on One-College Powerstones where a purely 'meta' spell might not make sense.

I was thinking 'mixed college' versions could have exactly the same cost - the benefit of benefitting from a 2nd college (or aspected mana) could be seen as offsetting it's limited utility.
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