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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Human Genetic Engineering When?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
So from this I'm assuming the society manages to go from TL 8 to TL 10 in several fields in the short 30 years between 2020 and 2050. That is an incredible rate of advancement. 2050 is when UT had TL 10 starting on the Accelerated path... but that also had us reaching TL 9 in 2020. You'll need an alternate history setting, probably with the point of divergence around 2007 (when UT was published) at the latest and then go with the Accelerated path... which if it holds will mean the society that sends them will have advanced to TL 11 by the time they arrive, and will have advanced to TL 12 by the time they would have returned if they didn't discover FTL travel at the alien megastructure.
Divergence point will be 2020, when reactionless drives are discovered. IRL we appear to be on the cusp of TL9, we are developing at least some of the technologies, so we're on the Fast or Medium tracks. Let's pick Medium. So that means my mission shouldn't be possible until 2120. Yet it's happening anyway. There are two factors here, a society have to have a a uniform TL, it can be ahead or behind it certain areas, this timeline as technology racing ahead in at least spacecraft drives and one medical area required to keep the crew alive long enough. The second is that this is a historical anomaly. Manned lunar spaceflight looks like it's a TL9 thing, yet we accomplished in the 60's, solidly TL7, what gives? Unique stressors on a society, like what's occurring in my timeline.

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
I'm reminded a bit of a short story I read a while back, about a sleeper ship that is sent to colonize a habitable world that is discovered some distance from Earth. When they awaken in the target system, they are shocked to find it already colonized. It turns out that some time after their ship launched, new breakthroughs allowed the creation of a colonization ship that would be able to arrive before the first one did, and a new colonization vessel was launched. Of course, they didn't make it there first either - turns out there were multiple such advances, and each time another ship was launched to arrive before the previous one. This ultimately culminated in the system being colonized a few years before the first ship even launched, due to the last set of colonists to leave using a drive that distorted time, and then the rest trickled in in reverse order of when they launched.
This kind of happen in the Honorverse, but in the background, I suspect a connection.
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