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Default Re: [Pyramid] Replacing Claws and Teeth with Natural Weapons

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
Whether it takes a Ready or not is based on if its the same kind of power.
So swapping between attacks is a Free Action,
but so would swapping say sensory powers,
or at least Detects,
To change settings requires a Ready maneuver.
After switching to an attack,
switching to a different attack is a free action.
the additional second of delay built into alternative abilities that aren’t attacks
To change out a slot requires a Ready maneuver.
After switching to an attack,
switching to a different attack in that slot is a free action.
I can't seem to find which book may have amended this to include free-action Detect swaps, do you recall?

Chinese Elemental Powers seems to have contrary evidence:
CEP21 "Inner Awareness" is a form of Detect (Chi)
CEP33 "Inner Discrimination" is another form (has Analyzing w/ Requires Preparation)
"You may take a Ready maneuver to switch between the two abilities"

Can't say I really understand why you'd pay 38 points for these as alternate ablities though...
Doing a limited enhancement "Prep Required Analyzing +80%" would cost 16 extra points to IA's 18: a total of 34...

But then I guess you'd need Selectivity +5% too, which would cost 1 more point (so you could turn Analyzing on and off, to turn Prep Required on and off) for a total of 35.

That still saves 3 points though. Am I missing something here?

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claws, natural weapon, natural weapons, pyramid #3/65, teeth

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