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Default Re: Judo is a striking skill

As for where my "biases" come from, they come from the rules.

Judo does not mention punching, kicking, or striking in general in it's own description on p. B203.

Unarmed Combat on p. B370 divides unarmed combat skills into Striking and Grappling skills. Judo is on the Grappling list. Striking Skills are directed to the Weapons Table for stats.

Martial Arts p. 90 lists which attack type each of the six Unarmed Combat skills can be used for. Judo allows Grab, Grapple, Sweep, and Throw. Notably, it does *NOT* allow Punch, Kick, Elbow, or Knee; these latter four attacks are reserved for the three Striking Skills (the same ones listed on p. B370).

Every single Character Template that gives the option for Unarmed Combat skills offers one of the three Striking Skills and then one of the three Grappling skills, as outlined on p. B370. I know this because I've literally programmed several hundred character templates into GCA.

Under the heading Melee Weapons, p. B271, it states that weapons on the Weapons Table are grouped under the skill or skills that they can be used with. Notable here is that Punch and Teeth are *ALWAYS* used in Close Combat, because they have a Reach of C. If Judo was supposed to substitute for DX to strike in Close Combat there's *NO* reason to leave it off the list of allowable skills, because a Punch is always in Close Combat. It's omission suggests that it was never intended to be used to Punch.

The *ONLY* way you get to being able to Punch with Judo is by reading two rules on two different pages and then combine them in a way that is not explicitly mentioned.

Which is more likely, that Judo was left off of the Weapons Table on purpose, or that they accidentally forgot to mention that Judo can Punch in multiple pages across multiple books?
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