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Default Suggestion to adjust Fist Damage.

Hi all,
I think that an easy improvement to the new TFT is to adjust the fist damage table, as it does too much damage.


1) Club damage is too high in mid levels. A ST 11 fighter is doing 1d+2 with a club. This is too good compared to a Quarterstaff (1d+2), Small Ax (1d+2), or Short Sword (2d-1). Look at the short sword, you need a two point talent and it is only doing 0.5 extra points of damage vs. a club on average. I would far rather be hit by a baseball bat than a shortsword.

2) Huge creatures do more damage with their fists than with innate weapons. A 100 ST demon would do 9d+1 if it used the fist table, but actually its claws do 4 dice. A 7 hex dragon would do 5d+1 with the fist table, but its claws actually do 2 dice. (A 14 hex dragon should do 9d+1 with fist damage but actually does 2d+2.) A 50 ST Indricotherium should do 4d+1 using fist damage but actually does 3dice. For very large ST, the fist damage seems too high.

3) In the new TFT, a lot of low to mid ST wizards will be using wooden staves (clubs) for damage. We want to make sure that these low ST clubs are not too powerful. It would not hurt my feelings to debuff the fighting ability of wizards, given the many new perks they are getting.

4) Note that there are many errors on AM 21 and on the fist damage in the Codex, and GM shield. Even if the damage is not tweaked, these errors should be fixed.



ST ................ DAMAGE
01 to 04......... 1d–5
05 to 08......... 1d–4
09 to 12......... 1d–3
13 to 16......... 1d–2
17 to 20......... 1d–1
21 to 40......... 1 die
41 to 60......... 2 dice
61 to 80......... 3 dice
81 to 100 ...... 4 dice, etc.

A quick rule of thumb is to take ST of the monster and divide by 20 to find the number of dice of damage it does. If the monster is half way between, give a bonus, (so a ST 55 monster would do around 2d+2).

Regular or HTH combat: UC i: +1damage / UC ii: +2 damage / UC iii: +4 damage.

(Note that both the table on the GM shield and the rules on AM page 21 do not match what is said in the UC talents in the talent list. Unarmed Combat 3 could be beefed up a bit IMO, so I've given it an extra point of damage to keep serious martial artists viable. Also there is an error on the GM shield, which says UC talents only give bonus damage in HTH but the talents say any combat. This corrects the error.)

Regular or HTH combat: Wizard or non-combat hero: +0 damage / Fighter (4+ fighting talents): +1 damage.

(A 'fighter' was not defined on the GM shield. I say a fighter has 4 or more fighting talents. UC talents count as fighting talents.)

HTH Combat: Cestus +2 damage. Note that daggers do extra damage in HTH, see the write up for the dagger.

Regular (not HTH) Combat: Clubs: 1 handed +2 damage / 2 handed +3 damage.

(if you use my suggestion that 2 handed weapons should be beefed up with +1 damage across the board, then 2 handed clubs should be as well. Note that I also beefed-up shields.)

Comments are welcome, warm regards, Rick.

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