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jason taylor
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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Template for Female Space Colonists

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
They will have to have specific roles anyway. If one ignores the "yuck" effect(which some believe is a canary in the coal mine) hereditary occupations do have precedent. On the other hand this would go far beyond that to making them suited for nothing else. If nothing else it condemns future generations to inordinate suffering if ever their occupation becomes obsolete. Even if such a thing does not happen, it necessarily creates a caste culture more fixed then any before. If nothing else, unless the colony is automatized pretty soon it will need someone for waste management. To genetically engineer someone for that is automatically to create Dalits, and more important, knowing humanity they will probably be treated as such unless bigotry is taken out during the process. All this is just the stuff that comes to mind. Almost surely there will be unforseen consequences.

If it is not made to breed true and is done to volunteers it is hard to see how it is different from going to a trade school. It does sound kind of yucky though.
Then too, if the precedent of the postulated female colonists is an example, the project involves not just engineering someone's job but engineering their minds. That is pretty much turning hypothetical future people into your own objects.
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