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Default Online Character Generator

What I found is an online resource for GURPS 4th edition.

Here you can create the foundations of a campaign and store that information under your free account. You can also create characters which also can be stored there and printed in a PDF modeled after the standard character sheet. It's presented very nicely. The site seems to lag when loading sometimes and the character creation process is a bit slow, but the end result appears pretty good. I haven't fully explored how deep GURPS 4th is covered here. It looks like the last updates were a year or so ago and it's unknown if it's still supported. There doesn't appear to be much traffic if any (which I find amazing!).

GURPS online character and campaign generator/storage site

There is a blog related to the site, too which looks like it hasn't been updated for a while.

I'm amazed this site hasn't been covered on the forums (or it has and my google-fu sucks/-5), my apologies if it has. There was one failed thread that is now closed, and was forgotten till now.

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Default Re: Online Character Generator

It looks like the last updates were three years ago. That probably has a lot to do with why people aren't talking about it. No new content, no maintenance on software, traffic peters out. Story of the internet.
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A neglected GURPS blog
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