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Default Can Nun Slap! prevent Survivor abilities?

Since Nun Slap! only ignores an ability until the end of the fight, does that mean Survivor is an ability which Nun Slap! is incapable of preventing?

For instance: If my opponent has hired a Combo Rat, and I committed no weapons or Allys, can I play Nun Slap! to prevent the Combo Rat's Survivor ability from triggering?

Thank you in advance!
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Default Re: Can Nun Slap! prevent Survivor abilities?

From the rules:

Originally Posted by DarthBayne View Post
A keyword ability. When a hired Monster survives a fight, this ability triggers before that Monster is moved to the stash.
My interpretation is that since the ability triggers before it is moved to the stash, then the ability happens during the fight (just at the end). I have actually used this on a Goblin Kaboomer to keep him from being removed from the game, and going to the stash instead, so I can use him again.
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Default Re: Can Nun Slap! prevent Survivor abilities?

Nun Slap ignores the hired monster's abilities until the end of the fight. If you look at the end of fight rules you will see that the first thing that happens in the end of the fight. Then all abilities that happen or trigger at the end of the fight occur. This means that the Survivor abilities are no longer being ignored, as they do not trigger until the fight has ended.

Since Nun Slap is only in effect until the fight ends, and Survivor only happens after the fight has ended, they will not overlap in duration, so Nun Slap cannot prevent Survivor abilities from occurring after the fight.
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