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Default Re: How To Be Helpful

Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
I have a set of house rules that have been tested during play. Most people I have come in contact with that play TFT have some house rules for their campaigns as well. Sometimes it's the whole that works and not the atomic parts of it. How should we present these to you and possibly the forum members?
I've been putting things like that in Google docs posting the links. That seems to be working well.
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mark hill
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Default Re: How To Be Helpful

Hear Hear Tolenkar! it really is the best rpg eh
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Default Re: How To Be Helpful

Thanks for posting links. I noticed the in Hexagram #2, there was a long URL link to a Google Docs sheet in the No More Orphan Murder Hoboes! article.

For a print document and maybe even for a PDF, how about posting a QR code or a URL short link because those Google Doc links (and any long URL) are a bit tough to type in manually.

For electronic documents, it's easy enough to copy and paste a URL link into a browser (unless copy is disabled in the document security!), but for a print document, having a QR code is better for easier access since most people have phones.

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