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Old 09-02-2019, 10:22 AM   #1
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Default Flaunt question

I have a question about the Flaunt rule. I know flaunt abilities can be activated on your opponent's turn (effectively as a mischief card). But the card 'Skeezix the Ill-Suited' (which is a 5,5,5 card) reads "Flaunt - Draw 1 card. Then discard this'. How can you ever use him in battle as a monster? Surely once he is hired, his ability triggers and he is discarded before he can dish out any damage?
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Default Re: Flaunt question

Ordinarily yes. But a flaunt in a specific action. It's not a normal monster ability that takes place once flipped. It has to be used while still in your hand. Once a hired he has no special ability.
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Default Re: Flaunt question

Trapt is correct. Essentially, Flaunt is optional. The cost to activate the Flaunt is to reveal the card then discard the card.

If the Flaunt ability is on a monster card, and you hire the monster, then itís just a regular monster. And the Flaunt is not activating cuz you are not paying its cost.
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Default Re: Flaunt question

Many thanks for the response.
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